Hi I’m Laura!

I am an artist, maker, baker, vegan, sister, best friend, cat enthusiast, entertainer, and a couple of other things. I am also a graphic designer and marketer. As a life-long visual artist, I have a love and appreciation for the creative process. As a life-long OCD sufferer, I have a strong fondness for visual organization. I am pleased to have found a knack for graphic design to provide such fusion in my life. I truly like to help people, and I would like to lend my creative services to an organization that gives back to the community which they serve.

I love to learn new things and explore different creative outlets. I run my own floral design business, Laura’s Floras Shop, which I opened out of my house on a per-order basis after attending flower arranging classes in Boston. I also instruct Paint Nite classes around Boston.

Thanks for stopping by my webpage. If youre interested in working together, I am currently looking for a new full-time gig and am always open to additional freelance opportunities. Contact me!